Vadhu-Var Suchak

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” — Robert Frost.
I love this quote. I truly live by this quote and have been doing so ever since I passed the SSC.

Now after 12 years, I am logging into one of the most popular Vadhu-Var “Suchak” websites. Its all online. For a technology savvy person like me, its bliss! Signup and viola the Suchak starts doing work for you. The signup is a breeze and I start seeing so many prospective profiles! I can see their  information and Express an Interest.

Maan mein ladoo foota. I am excited, I am thinking, I have to get a few interests. I mean, what’s not to like in my profile? I run my own company, I earn decent enough money, etc. And so I wait. A week passes, a couple of weeks pass, a month passes and by the time you notice, its 6 months! That’s today. In these 6 months, all I have received are just about enough queries to count on one hand.

This makes me wonder? Was my profile filled up wrong? Or did I miss something? I start investigating and here’s where all this turns into a (probable) rant.

A “suchak” is a person / organisation who suggests. To put it simply, he is like a wingman in dating terms. The suchak knows you and knows another person. He knows your and the other persons habits, passions,etc and thinks that both might be compatible to spend their lives together. He suggests that you get in touch with the other person and see if it works! Rest all is upto you and the other person. That is my understanding of a Suchak.

Sadly, I never met a real life suchak ever – hence the use of these website.

Anyways, returning back to the topic – I started to try and find the reason why my profile wasn’t showing up. And it was actually quite simple. The Search.

All these websites are not Suchak any more. They do not even know who you are.Hence, the chances of they actually suggesting are closer to zero. All they are, are big Classified websites. Most parents will search for “Highly Educated” var(in my case). Yahi pe toh maar kha gaya India. 

First search criteria and I fail miserably. An SSC certificate and a diploma do not really match the Highly Educated criteria. So the chances of my profile showing up are reduced drastically.

I am funny, practical, proactive and as one of my friends says “I like the way you always look at the brighter side of things.”, I am always positive.

A “Suchak” organisation announced a “Meet-n-Greet” event. I was excited, finally a place where I can meet prospects and interact with them. Excited I visit their online signup form, Step 1 – Enter your education qualification. Hmmm.

Are these websites a true reflection of the choices a girl and their family makes? Had I met a person on a partially -blind date, would it make a difference that I was not educated enough?

Why is education always equated to the number of degrees you hold? Why isn’t practical education ever certified? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

This thought has kept me wide awake(writing this at 2 am from my phone) and I keep pondering, if I made the right decision of quitting education.

To end on a positive note, there is someone out there, for me, who will look beyond the degree certificates and look for the person I am. I continue to wait for this person and I live by the One Plus tagline – “Never Settle”.

I apologise to anyone I might have offended in this post.

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  1. Twist and see from business perspective 🙂 Well written and yes…. keep searching 😛

  2. Girish Pawar

    Nice sir…beyond degree there are so many things in life but , why people don’t think about them to “LIVE THE LIFE”….

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