Having a library that your family runs presents you with immense reading options. I love reading and any spare moment i do like to immerse my head in one book or the other. I have a fiction buff and prefer to read books by Jeffrey Archer or Ken Follett. But once in a while I do like to read a book that is different than I normally read. Even non-fiction would mostly mean either travelogues or something like a biography or autobiography. This book i chose because my father insisted that I should read it and i thought, why not! Reading something that we do not normally read, surely can be fun!

The book I was suggested is called “The Professional” by author Subroto Bagchi. I have tried personally to read quite a few books that were related to “Self Help” books. I personally am not a huge fan of those kind of books, but this book, “The Professional” is completely different than what i thought it would be.

The book is divided into 4 main sections and each section highlights a part of being professional. The book is meant for any person who would thinks he is a professional. Sadly, in our world only high profile job owners think they are the real Professionals! The author has surely tried to change this exact thought.

I personally loved how the book has been written. It isnt all advice! I mean it does have really good parts of chapters that suggest or give advice on how one should behave in a particular situation, or react when things go beyond our scope of imagination. Each of the 4 sections have very small and short chapters. Each of these small chapters do not have heavy doses of advice but some really interesting short stories about real live people who have shown what being a true professional means or (some) chapters that show what mistakes are made by people when they are at their work places!

Like i mentioned in the earlier paragraph, almost all chapters start of with a short story about a person and then the rest of the chapter is spent analysing the response of the person or contemplating responses that could have been taken if a person would find themselves in that situation. Each of these situations seem real and not something that have been madeup which really connected with me, when i was reading the book.

When reading a book like this, it really helps if you are true to yourself and start thinking of situations that you could fall into. Each chapter has a certain value related to it, and if you keep an open mind and think of similar situations that you have been in, and the way you reacted, you can easily find out whether your reaction was fit of being a professional or no.

Holding a job for more than 3 years now I have had tons of different experience, and being in the service industry you are always in touch with clients and are always interacting with people so there are quite a few different moments that you experience. Subroto Bagchi with the style of writing and the use of short chapters makes it very easy for you to relive those moments in your professional live and compare it with experiences shared in the book.

Though personally I liked the book a lot, i quite did not agree with a few points noted in the book about being “a professional”. The books seems to be written in a world, where the world is perfect! Then you as a professional are not that perfect and surely this book would be of great help. But a professional needs to think of his future and probably needs to do things that go beyond the ethics of the company. By saying this, i am not mentioning doing unethical work, or breaking terms, but sometimes you need to go and give something to the client that is not mentioned by the company that employees you or the company that you own. Like these there are a few other points that i dont agree to, but thats just my opinion.

Having said that, this book is surely an eye opener of any person who thinks he hold a professional job and calls himself a Professional. I would surely suggest this book to any person who likes to think, as i am sure this book makes you give a reaction. It makes you think. And that is exactly why i suggest this book! Do Read.