Email Marketing Tips for your business – Part 1

Every business, small or big has always relied on reaching out to customers, new & old to gain additional business. Emails have always been a go-to method when organisations think of starting marketing. Here are some tips for doing email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

  1. Cost Effective – of all the available marketing mediums, Email marketing is the cheapest. Costing not more than 10 paisa per email (can go as low as 2 paisa), you can reach out to a vast database at a much cheaper cost. Most email marketing service providers will have competitive rates & you can decide based on your usage.
  2. Delivery times – Email marketing systems can be extremely fast. This allows you to get in touch with your audience quickly. For example, (my mass-email service) can send up-to 50 emails per second! This allows a business to send out announcements, last-minute discounts to their customers.
  3. Statistics – Every email marketing system has some tracking features. One of the biggest advantages of Email vs SMS vs Print media is the availability of these statistics. You can track customers who have opened your email & clicked on links you have shared. You also get information of emails delivered, emails bounced, invalid emails, etc. Most email systems will also handle Bounces (an invalid email ID to which emails cannot be delivered). This Bounce handling helps your list remain clean & optimize your expenses.
  4. Visually / Content driven – Similar to print media, you can design some really interesting marketing emails. Images, animated GIF’s, attachments can be sent via emails. This makes these emails a more immersing experience & can definitely help an organisation garner more business.

Use your own database.

It may only have 200 subscribers, but try & use your own database. Organically developed database tends to have a better delivery percentage, good open rates & in-turn better business generation opportunities.

Third Party Databases are available in open market, online & can be purchased for around Rs. 3000 – Rs. 6000. Here’s the catch. These databases are not verified. They are generated, scraped for years & hence have bad statistics. I recently purchased a database to test whether we could offer this service to our customers & the results were really shocking! Our first campaign had a bounce rate of 68%.  This bounce rate not only costs you a lot, but also affects your Reputation.

Another advantage of using your own database is, subscribers know you & your organisation. They are aware of what you are offering, your services & hence tend to have better open rates.

Send Frequently, Don’t SPAM.

It is necessary to send out emails frequently. I normally recommend emails twice a week but its not a thumb rule. Some organisations, send twice a week, some send daily (and I find it to be too much SPAM). Email frequency should be decided by studying your existing email statistics, looking at what people are responding to & setting up a email schedule. While scheduling these emails, ensure that your are not spamming people. If your email open rates are dropping, or the percentage of people unsubscribing is increasing, it’s a pointer that subscribers are not interested in your emails or are finding your frequency too much.

I will write a follow-up article to this topic.

I definitely recommend reading “Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson” which is available on Amazon.

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  1. Good work Mihir…Will help a lot !!

  2. Bhushan Mahajan

    Good blog Mihir. It gives a kick start to your thinking of using this type of communication. Look forward to your next blog on this subject. Congratulations

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