BookMan is live! is live!

Okay, now that the announcement is done – let me tell you a bit more about BookMan.

As you might be aware, I run a web-development called Thoughtfulviewfinder Services. Since the past 3 years I have been developing websites for a lot of organizations. During this period, I had the opportunity to work on various web-based applications & a lot of interesting projects. For example:

  • A Live Chat & Geo-tracking application for a London based courier delivery service.
  • A Library Management System for Shabdasneha Library
  • A Customer Database management software for Kenyatta Trust
  • …and quite a few more..

During this entire period, we came across many institutions, small businesses like Music Classes or Cooking classes that still manage their customer information, using excel sheets, or a diary! Most of these businesses cannot spend huge on purchasing software or getting custom software made.

That was when the idea of developing a Booking Manager was born. We decided to simply call it “BookMan”. We came up with a simple feature list:
– Keep it Simple
– Allow payments & notifications
– Keep everything unlimited
– Make it fast

We started off with this list & had an alpha version up within a few weeks.
We also wanted to remove the hassle of setting up an account & we decided to follow the “Software-as-a-Service” route. This allows our prospective customers to sign-up within a few seconds, test out the software & then decide if they would like to purchase it!

Building BookMan was a huge learning experience & involved a lot of research. Not just the development part but also from a business perspective. BookMan is still in its beta stage & we have customers starting to use it & give us feedback. Now that BookMan is live & running, we now a bigger road-map set for us.

We also reviewed a lot of Support / Help systems & decided to use FreshDesk. Another major requirement to running this kind of a product involves that we have a lot of redundancy. Thus, ensuring that the software has negligible or no down-time. We tied up with LeapSwitch Networks to provide us with the necessary server setup & support.

I will be writing a few more follow-up posts on how we did the data-structure, the set-up system, etc.

So do check it out, sign-up on & us your feedback.